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Modern educationists are stressing on making the classroom environment interactive. The students are the main factor of education and thereby all the activities performed in the classroom must centre round the students. They should not be passive listeners, but actively take part in the classroom discussion so that they actually construct their own knowledge in due course of time. In this way the learning becomes more effective and the ideas get ingrained in their mind. The teachers need to use different kinds of teaching learning materials in order to make the classroom interactive. Among the different kinds of teaching aids, fabric wall charts are really useful.

Firstly, these charts are very colourful and thus act as a stimulus for drawing the attention of the students on the first place. Psychologists are of the opinion that an individual, of any age, can focus his or her attention on a thing for a span of 8 seconds at the max. Since the learners are very young, it becomes all the more difficult to hold their attention on the subject. In such cases, colourful charts with attractive drawings are very useful as they act as a stimulus to gaining back the attention of the learners.

Secondly, fabric wall charts help in explaining the complex concepts before the students. Modern educationists stress on teaching the students the concepts behind all phenomena rather than burdening them loads of facts and numbers as it will help in developing the rationale and critical thinking power of the students. With the help of the charts the teachers can gradually help the students to construct their concepts and ideas.

Thirdly, the fabric wall charts act as an audio- visual aid and thus making the process of teaching-learning much more interesting and exciting. Therefore, it will encourage more participation from the students and make the classroom lesson interactive. The students will learn the concepts in the class itself and there learning will get transferred in their long term memory instantaneously.

Fourthly, the charts also help in integrating the classroom learning with real life situations so that the learning becomes more realistic. It will help the students to connect the abstract concepts presented before them with concrete examples presented before them. Thus the learning becomes much more effective and interesting.

At Rainbow Educational the teachers will come across a wide range of attractive and colourful charts encompassing various subjects and concepts. Starting from telling a story to teaching students how to count numbers, how to see clocks, body parts, human organs, shapes and many other charts are available at our online store. Add them to your cart to make to motivate the students in your class and arouse interest amongst them. Moreover, aids also help in enhancing various skills of the students like reading, observing, speaking and others and in overcoming the fears of students. The students are provided with enough opportunity to form independent ideas and present them before their peers. These aids are an asset that will help the teachers throughout their teaching career.