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Modern educationists stress on developing the reasoning ability of the learners, nurturing independent thinking through various activities in the classroom. They stress on providing the young learners with an environment where they would enjoy and like to come back each and every day. However, in a classroom environment the learners must develop their ideas independently and the teacher should primarily act as a scaffolder, helping the students in constructing their ideas and concepts. Therefore, the teachers of the 21st century are expected to use innovative teaching learning materials and teaching strategies to create such an environment in the class. One such innovative and interesting teaching aid is the flannel stories or felt boards.

Felt boards are a ready to use teaching learning material where the students and the teachers engage in an interactive session to develop a concept or learn a skill gradually. These are based on a particular theme and many colourful and attractive are stuck on the board gradually to develop the story or concept. For example: the students can be taught how to count the objects present before them with the help of colourful felt board figures that are stuck on the board.

Flannel stories are a particular type of felt board, where the common nursery rhymes or stories are graphically represented with the help of colourful felt characters. Now the students will gradually learn the poem or develop the storyline with these felt boards along with their teachers. This is an interesting group activity that can be used by the teachers to develop independent and divergent thinking ability amongst the students. They will get the opportunity to gradually discover the theme of the story on their own and in the long run they will emerge as a confident individual with clear ideas and multifaceted outlook. Conducting such activities is extremely important for training the students to deal with the complexity of their society.

If you are looking for flannel stories for developing the thinking and writing skill of the young learners in your class, then you browsed in the right place. At Rainbow Educational you are going to come across a range of common stories that can be developed with the help of felt board. Our felt boards are very colourful and attractive and they are definitely going to draw the attention of the learners all through the class. They will get fascinated to this new teaching strategy as well as teaching aid and thereafter participate in the group activity.

The felt boards available at our store are handmade and keep up with the set standard of such aid. The best part is, we are offering these resources to the potential customer at the most cost effective price so as to aid them in their endeavour of making the entire process of learning much more interesting. All the educational resources available at our store in designed by experienced educators and thereafter evaluated by the veterans. Therefore, we can guarantee you about the superior quality of the resources as well as its effectiveness. Place your order now to motivate the young learners of your class.