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What Made Tiddalik Laugh - A Dreamtime Story

What Made Tiddalik Laugh - A Dreamtime Story

Rainbow Educational design and manufacture.

All the hand embroided sections are able to be removed from the background as the story progresses from an abundance of water throughout the land and illustrates a barren dry country. The birds and animals then act jointly to convince Tiddalik to give back the water and the land returns to its original state.

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"In the dreamtime there lived a giant frog called Tiddalik; the last of the giant frogs".

There are various versions of Tiddalik the last Giant Australian Frog and these are able to be located on the 'net'.

This resource will enable 'the storyteller' to demonstrate how Tiddalik drank all the rivers, the billabongs, the lakes and the streams dry and then show how the birds and animals saved the land.

Australia was dry, the birds and the animals had no water and the leaves on the trees withered and the flowers wilted in the heat.

The wise old wombat was consulted and knew that they must make Tiddalik laugh so he would return all the water to the rivers, the lakes and the streams.

Of all the animals and birds in Australia only the platypus was able to make Tiddalik laugh only then was the water returned to the earth.

Approx 55cm X 45cm